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Are you Ready? An animated toilet training resource. DVD (PAL - Australia, NZ and UK) New updated version. Printed 2014

Disability Services - South Australia

This DVD includes the popular animation 'Tom's Toilet Triumph'. In addition, the DVD includes three short variations of the animation, with toileting sequences that can be chosen for a girl, and two versions for a boy; 'standing for a wee' and 'sitting for a wee'.
All these present a story about learning to use the toilet for both bladder and bowel motions, with realistic step-by-step instruction. The DVD is suitable for all ages.
This DVD is the PAL version (best for Australia, New Zealand, & UK) but it has been made playable for all regions. For American and Canadian customers, it is compatible if shown through a computer.

Price: $28.60

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Toilet Time - Parent Package (Emily - for girls)

Disability Services

Parent packages contain resources that can be used by parents/carers who are toilet training young children with developmental delay. The resources include: a star chart, cue cards, story books and a parent/carer information booklet. The package is for girls (Emily).
This package does not include a DVD or CD.

Price: $49.50

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Toilet Time - Resource Material CD

 Disability Services

The 'Toilet Time - Resource Material CD' is sold separately for health professionals, educators and libraries who require extra copies.

It does not include workshop details which are part of the Resource Manual. The CD contains resources that may be reproduced including checklists, visual cue cards, story books, a parent/carer information booklet and documents suitable for PowerPoints.

Price: $48.40

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