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Child and Youth Services

Child and Youth Services have been providing specialist therapy and support to babies, toddlers, children and young people since 1984. We are a registered service provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) with offices located across metropolitan and peri-urban SA.

Child and Youth Services provide:

Experience matters

Child and Youth Services have a dedicated team of child and youth therapists and pride ourselves on having the skills and expertise that comes from decades of providing services to children and young people.

We stay on the journey with your child

From the early years through to children leaving school, we stay involved with children and families as long as they need us. We build on each child or young person's unique strengths and interests as they grow and develop.

We come to you

Children's development happens every day. We facilitate your child's development by providing services that are designed around your family's routines, in your home and other places that are important to you and your child (for example, at childcare).

Quality counts

As the SA Government service provider we are committed to delivering ethical services, high standards of clinical practice and accountability. Our services are evidence based and we draw upon our practice wisdom and the latest research to achieve outcomes for your child.

You are important to us

Every child is unique and parents know their child more than anyone else. We recognise that. We understand the crucial part that families play in supporting their child's development. When we deliver services to your child we include you and listen to your views and priorities.

A coordinated approach amplifies a child's progress

We deliver the full spectrum of therapy services. Our dedicated team of therapists coordinate their interventions so your child gets the maximum benefit. We are also happy to work closely with any private therapists that you may have chosen in your child's NDIA plan.

Our staff

We have experienced, specialist child development therapists and support staff who can tailor a service specifically for your child and family. Our services are provided by:

We also have expert therapists who specialise in key developmental areas such as behaviour, mealtime management and feeding supporttoileting, sleep and developmental issues related to trauma.

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